April 28

Barbara Kruger Style

I want the viewer to feel uplifted. You should be able to be yourself without constantly comparing yourself to beauty standards that constantly change. You should have your own style and creativity with your body and clothes. Like I said above, be you.
April 6

Other Worldly

For this landscape, I brought the saturations up almost all the way and played around with the color balance and hue. After that, I used liquify to create the glitchy waves in the background as well as the swirled palm tree branches. When finished, I noticed that it kind of looks like a fairy land, so I found some silhouettes online and made a war between fairies and angels/Goddesses. After entering the silhouettes, I felt it was missing something so I added action lines between the two enemies. The story being that the Goddess of Death was sick of the fairies taking land from humans and ruining it. In this story the fairies have taken the school over and killed all the present students, turning the landscape into a toxic area for humans. So the Goddess of Death decides to take matters into her own hands and makes an army of angels and fellow Goddesses. Who wins is up to you.
March 18

Poetry and Your Photography

Why did you choose these words to go with this picture?

I chose this poem I wrote last year about anxiety to go along with this picture because they contrast each other. The picture looks freeing while the poem talks about how trapped someone can feel dealing with anxiety.

How do you think an audience would interpret your work?

I think someone might interpret this as the picture being what someone presents themselves as, free and bright, while in reality they feel trapped and alone. That is what I was trying to portray anyways.

March 17

National Geographic Magazine Cover Review

National Geographic 803
This is one of my favorite because the creativity of the cover and the betrayal between what I assume are allies. I also like that it looks like a painting rather than a picture.
National Geographic 809
I really like this one because of the composition. The photographer put the statue infront of the landscape. The detail in the statue keeps your attention and when you look around the rest of the cover, you see the landscape and it just adds to the interest.
National Geographic 811
This cover is one of my favorites because it shows the fun activities you can do in Australia. When I saw the boat, my first thought was “NOSE DIVE”.